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Teenage Survival Experience*Learn More
The FallEVERlasting Experience*Learn More
Kid Sports Fanatic Kit*Learn More

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Kid Randomz PLUS Concierge Valet

Teenage Survival Experience

Control your Teen’s Chaotic Senior Year and Smooth Sail Successfully Into High School Graduation

  • Pre-College experiential Learning
  • Parent/Kid Certifications
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • College Prep Counselors & Courses
  • Internships/Jobs
  • Scholarships

The FallEVERlasting Experience

Approach YOUR Fall Start of School
Rush with Calm with KID RANDOMZ

  • Camps
  • Parent/Kid Certifications
  • Kid Concerts/Theatre
  • Sporting Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Tutorials

Kid Sports Fanatic Kit

Instant Access to a plethora of LOCAL SPORTS FUN. What better way to stay organized and give the Ultra Busy Parent Time Back

  • Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Football, etc.
  • Sports Performance Experts
  • Sought After Sports Programs
  • Highly Rated Sporting Events
  • Tutorials